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Hi Kim, this is Elaine Parsons, with Haley. I just wanted to say hi and let you know just how wonderful Haley is. She is the sweetest, smartest dog I've ever had. She's growing up so fast. She's already 25 lbs. And very healthy. 
You'll be proud to know that she is working to become a service dog for me. She's currently being trained through the animal humane society in golden valley. And will be moving over to Can Do Canines. It's amazing how fast she's training. She is only 17 weeks old and has passed 3 levels out of 4 of her training. Next week she'll be starting her training for AKC good citizen. She's done demonstrations at elementary schools too. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy. I've been recommending you to everyone​
Hi Kim,
Fender is absolutely perfect!  He's sweet and playful and feisty and stubborn.  This coming Saturday he gets his next set of puppy shots.  We are looking to get him started in puppy kindergarten in a week or so.  He loves to cuddle and he makes all sorts of little cooing noises.  I was concerned for a little while that he didn't hold his tail up but on Christmas Eve Fender played with Mike's brothers dog Phoebe and she wore him out his little legs were giving out so we had to put him to bed for a few hours ever since that day his tail is up most of the time.  We were worried about the snow but he seems to love it.  He's decided he can do what he wants he has the attitude "don't tell me what to do".  Here are some photos so you can see what he's been up to.
By customer request,  
I would love to here from those of you who have purchased a puppy from me in the past with updates/pic's and if you would like to be added to this page, just send me a e-mail and I will post your comments/pic's as space permits.  
Molly has been a great addition to our family.  Molly has learned so much from being housebroken to tricks all in the  4 1/2 months we have had her.  I never knew how smart the Cocker Family is.  She was a very fast learner at being housebroken (I suppose getting her during a cold snap will teach them to go out and do their business and get back in ASAP).  She has taken quite well to our children (4 1/2 years & 15 Months).  Our daughter absolutely loves Molly and can't wait to feed Molly her dinner every night. One of my sons first words has been "OOG"  sounds sorta like dog and he points to her when he says it.  It is always nice to come home to a little tail wagging and a tongue that can't wait to lick your face over and over and over.  We are excited to share in all of the experiences that will come with Molly growing up with our children.  We have recently found out that she loves the water and sprinklers.  When our underground sprinklers turn on she can't wait to get outside and run through them.  And since she loves the water she doesn't mind taking a bath when she gets a little smelly.  I will make sure Molly checks in with you every so often. 


Hello Kim,
Our little cocker is from the Demi/Mason litter born July 9, 2006. She is a chocolate with tan points. You called her Darrah, but we renamed her Maddie. We just celebrated her 1st birthday and I thought you might like to see a few pictures. She is a treasure and we absolutely adore her!! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog - she's beautiful, smart, a good watchdog and so loveable! She gives hugs and kisses and "cheekies" by pressing her face against your cheek first on one side and then the other. We were surprised by how much hunting instinct she's got in her. Like a cat, she will stalk a toy. She'll creep up to it very slowly, one step at at time, then come to a point, like a pointer, with, usually her right paw in the air, and then pounce! Needless to say, she has brought alot of joy and laughter into our home. Thank you for such a wonderful little pup!! I wish you well in your business and hope all your pups find good living homes. Thanks again for our little darling!!

Hi Kim. Here's a picture of "Oak" and my son. He absolutely adores him. They are best buds. 

Tucker & Sophie are doing wonderful, so sweet and ful of love..thanks for letting us love them. 
Good Morning Kim:
While I'm having my first cup of coffee, I thought I would let you know how everything went! 
Firstly, let me say how absolutely beautiful she is - what a great job in breeding you have done!
We arrived at the airport early (of course) straight into a thunder storm - lightning and torrential 
rain.  And because of the elements, the flight was delayed.  She arrived safe and sound but
a bit frightened by her ordeal.  The people at NWA were very nice about everything which I 
appreciated considering I was also a bit off my mark worrying about the storm and how Catie
would do.  When I got to the car, I noticed she was shaking a bit so I put her inside my shirt
for the ride home.  She quickly settled down and fell asleep right there.  
Because of the storm, rush hour traffic, and a Friday night, it took forever to get home from
Boston.  But she slept almost the entire way.  Overnight she cried a little (not much) and
we changed her bedding twice, but on the whole she was a VERY good puppy.  
Right now she is next to be by the computer as I write to you.  I think she was having a
"puppy nightmare" because she was shaking a little until I woke her up and she's fast
asleep again.  
I really can't thank you enough for making this possible.  From the early conversations with
you about your cockers, to the choice of the puppy, to the updates and clear answers to
all my questions, and even to the excellent shipping - the entire experience was first rate!
Len Ryan - Teter
​Hi, Kim. Just wanted to send a couple pictures of Marla (aka Cindy Brady). We are so in love with her. She is very energetic, playful, and sweet.

It's been a year since Kirby came bouncing into our mothers life.  Kirby is her constent companion and is never far from her side.  Mom is 88 and lives on the 165 acre family homestead farm in 'up north' Minnesota. She does a lot of gardening, acres of flowers and a huge garden, and Kirby has to ride in the gater when ever Mom is driving it.  Kirby gives so much love and companionship to our Mother it cannot be measured.  Thanks for rasing such wonderful dogs.

Hi Kim ~

Here is a pic of Snickers – originally Matisse from the Kansas/Legend litter, 1-14-08.  I’m hoping the pics will show the sable coloring and changes for others to see. We have taken Snickers through obedience training, she has received her Canine Good Citizen certificate, and we are now into agility training. She absolutely loves it and we call her the ‘wild child’ of agility.  Snickers has been so much fun and has given us all great joy. Thanks so much for our little sweetie. You have been so helpful and do a wonderful job with your kennels. 

Steve & Kim 

  Hi how are you doing/ well my name Is Pat,  i got a pup from you back in Feb from the litter of Gypsy and Elliot. i thought i would drop you a note and some pics things are going great Bandit just graduated puppy school at Lake Elmo inn we are thinking about going onto agility but not so sure yet. i like to say that Bandit is one of the fastest learners I have ever had he is so smart just pick us stuff real fast he is starting to get a little cockaTude going but i believe that has to do with age "I hope" he is the best pup even with his wild side. lol

hi kim,
Sorry that its been a while. Sage (was named amerreto) is doing really good. She is from Gentry and Darrah's '08 litter, and has grown so much since the first time i saw her. She was only the size of my hand. I still cant believe that shes a little over a year old. Since i first got her i lived in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, but now Sage has become a downtown dog. She enjoys going to the dog parks, and playing with the people, she could care less about the dogs lol. She loves to play with stuff animals, but on the other hand she doesnt really like tennis balls, Sage just chases it and once she catches up to it she just leaves it. She also enjoys to go swimming, She always tries swimming in the dog bowls in the park. She is extremely well behaved, especially with kids and special needs children. She's is really smart. Sage has grown into such a pettite beautiful dog, only weighing 15 pounds, which astounds me how she is so small. It doesnt matter though she has grown into such a wonderful dog. Thank you Kim for such my beautiful little girl.
                                                                                     -Mona    -Sage 

This has been a long time in coming. I have wanted to write and send pictures, but never seem to find the time. It seemed appropriate to write to you today since we celebrated Zeus's birthday. He was born of Fresia and Pacino on September 25, of last year.  
I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with him. He has been a true joy. He fits in so well we often wonder how on earth we had gotten along without him. He is truly a part of the family. He keeps us all entertained with his antics and we are all getting more excercise. We take him for runs everynight. We ride the bike and he runs.   
He sleeps with our daughter who is afraid of everything so that has worked out really well. We got her a Queen size bed so they can both fit comfortably.  
We have gotten lots of compliments from people about him. He really draws attention. We have given your number and website out to several people. So we hope you get some buisness.  We are also frequent visitors to the website. I think that I am addicted to Boxers.  
I must go now as someone keeps shoving a wet ball at me. Apparently it is playtime and we both know how that goes!!! You can't ignore a boxer when he wants to play. 
Thank you so much, he has been great.
Carla and Wes 
Hi Kim....
I just wanted to give you an update on our baby....I don't know if I told you before but her registered name is "Autumn's Bella Rose". 
She has completed 3 sessions of obedience school (not that you could tell!) and is in her second session of Foundation Agility--I swear she lives for this!  Bella is a natural and has had no fear of anything at class.  She's always looking for the next new thing to "play" with and actually will whine when she has to wait for her turn on the equipment.  We do have a few things, including a tunnel, at home so we can work here.  She LOVES the tunnel!  We just went started that full-size teeter in class last week and she couldn't use it enough.  She actually whined when she had to leave it.  
I've recommended you and your kennel to several people considering puppies--cockers and boxers. You guys are the best!  Feel free to use any comments or pics you may like on your website, Kim (you know, I just can't stay away from those puppy pics!).
Cheryll & Gord 

Hi Kim

    We bought "Cocoa" from you for our daughter Brooke, back in February. My husband meant you in Rochester. We have changed her named to "Snickers"
We just wanted to send you some photos of her and our lab who is 11 yrs old. They play together for hours!
After putting down our 15 yr old cocker, Snickers has brought all of us joy.
    Snickers house trained in 2 1/2 weeks, She is the best puppy ever. She has us laughing nightly!
    We are very happy with her. Feel free to put our e-mail on your brag board page.
We would recommend you to anyone. You have wonderful pups.
   Enjoy the photos.
Kathy, Jim and Brooke Click here to add text.
Hi Kim,
I’ve been meaning to email you for a while but of course life gets in the way and now here we are over a year since Flash joined our family. I wanted to share some pictures with you as i think he looks very much like his dad Jack. He’s 52 lbs now. He was born 4.7.15 as part of Jack and Genevieve’s litter. Like his dad he has to have multiple toys in his mouth at one time and he loves to play. Flash is just the best dog. He’s known by kids throughout our neighborhood and 9 times out of 10 when i walk outside he’s in our yard and one of our neighbor kids is petting him. He adores our 3 kids who are 3, 6, and 7. He has a special relationship with our 3 year old daughter Kennedy and must watch her fall asleep each night in her room before coming back downstairs. When my husband and I finally go to bed, Flash comes into each kid’s room and checks on them as i tuck them in. Thank you for raising such great dogs. He is such a blessing to our family! I’ve included some photos for your website if you like.

Kim, Judy Christensen here. I got Sally Jo from you on 1/29/23 and Ellie Mae on 5/8/23. Here are before and after pics of their haircuts today. Note…also including a pic of Letty Ann who is 3 1/2 years old. And as you told me Ellie Mae lost most of her black hair and looks more like her Mom…brown and white.

An update first. Sally Jo was spayed 2 weeks ago and is doing great. Ellie Mae is in puppy kindergarten and doing quite well. 

Once again, thank you for breeding such wonderful pups.

Today is Phoebe's 4th birthday. We love her to pieces. I've been recommending you to friends here Anytime someone mentions cocker spaniels. Which once they see Phoebe or George, happens often.
Thanks Kim! We are very happy with our girl.
Melinda & Bob Salter 
Hi Kim, You may not recognize me since it has been nearly 6 years since I left Livingstone Kennels. I had Dad put in one of my baby pictures to help remind you how cute I was then. Plus, he put in a picture from last year after I had one of my buzz-jobs. I like those to help keep the cockle burrs controllable. Mom and Dad have told me that I'm not a show dog but a show-off dog! They couldn't be happier with my temperament, my good looks, my great companionship and fantastic personality. I even have my own Facebook page (Molly Blueberry) in case you want to see videos of me jumping off of the dock to get the retrieving dummy and interacting with the family. Thanks for being a great start to my life. Sincerely, Molly of Glenwood, MN .
Settling In ...
Honey is just perfect in every way. He's been happy and curious and follows Gracie around. He couldn't be more perfectThank you soo much.