Frequently asked questions
1. Can we visit the pups and meet the parents? 
The answer is Yes! you are welcome to come and visit, however visits are by appt. only and I do ask that you not visit another kennel prior to our appt. and that you wash your hands and remove your shoes upon entering my home - this is strictly a precaution to avoid any illnesses etc.. from entering my home and possibly infecting my dogs. Please limit your group to two people unless otherwise agreed upon and leave your pets at home or in your vehicle. 

2. Are the pups raised in your home?
Yes, We have a puppy room in our house, puppies are raised in puppy playpens that prevent them from stepping in soiled bedding. Each playpen is equipped with blankys, plenty of toys, and food/water dishes. Pens are cleaned several times daily.  

3. How are the pups socialized? 
All of our pups recieve one on one attention daily with children, adults and other dogs as well as time "out of their pen" to explore and run around.

4. Are the pups vet checked & vaccinated?
Yes, all pups are vet checked, current on vaccinations and have been dewormed several times prior to going to their new home. upon picking up your puppy You will recieve a health record including vaccinations given and also the name and phone of our vet. 

5. Are your adult dogs in the house or kept in kennels?
The answer to this question is yes and no - all of our dogs spend a good amount of time in the house - at any given time there are usually 7 or 8 dogs in the house, but they cannot all be in the house at the same time so we rotate dogs which provides all of our dogs with plenty of socialization and "in the house time". When the dogs do have to be in their kennels they are by no means uncomfortable, the kennels are attached to the house and they have an indoor/outdoor run complete with heat, raised cots for beds, plenty of toys and ample room to run. All dog yards are cleaned daily.    

6. Do you do any health testing?
All of my dogs are routinely vet checked. and I do have  some specific health testing done depending on the breed, you can call or e-mail for more info. 

7. Do you offer a health guarantee?
All of our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee. I would never sell a puppy knowing they have a health issue. I breed for health being the top priority and I do not wish for anyone to go thru the loss or suffering of a beloved pet. See the health guarantee page of this website for more info.

8. Do you sell to pet shops or brokers?
Absolutely not!! We only sell our puppies to loving, responsible dog lovers.

9. Do you provide stud service?
No, I do not offer stud service. I will not risk taking the chance of introducing any illnesses or viruses into my kennel no matter what the stud fee.

10. Are your puppies registered? 
All of my Cockers are registered.  

11. Do you offer full registration and can I breed my dog?
I do offer full registration (breeding and/or showing) to approved homes only and as long as the quality of the dog in question meets breeding/showing standards. There is an additional charge for full registration and a contract may be required. This is something you would have to talk to me about personally.

12. What do you feed your dogs/puppies?
There are many quality dog foods out there and we do change foods occasionally, so it is best to phone or email us on this subject.

13. Do you ship your puppies and how is that done?  
Yes, I do offer shipping within the U.S. to most major airports and have a puppy nanny that hand delivers your puppy, no cargo shipping. I will make all the necesary flight arrangements. For more on this subject see the Sales/Shipping page of this website.

14. At what age are the pups ready to go?
Most puppies will be ready to go to their new homes by 8 weeks old, however ocassionally there will be a puppy that will not be ready until 10 weeks or so.  

15. Do you show any of your dogs or do any kind of agility work etc..?
I currently do show some of my dogs in conformation and agility. I strive to produce quality, healthy dogs bred to compliment the breed standard without lacking awesome temperament!. See my barks n brags page for some achievements made by Livingstone dogs!  

16. How long have you been a breeder and why?
I have been a dog breeder since 1998 and I absolutely love my job! I have always grown up with and loved animals. I have put my heart and soul into my dogs not to mention many, many hours a day into taking care of, socializing, feeding and training dogs. I feel a great sense of pride in my work and love to provide families with loving, loyal companions.         

17. Can you provide references and are you inspected?  
You are more than welcome to contact me requesting a list of some previous puppy buyers. I will provide you with their names and phone numbers. I am also regularly inspected by AKC and hold a current Kennel license. 

18. How do I go about reserving a pup?
Once you decide on a certain pup, you would contact me to put down a $300 non refundable deposit  and the remaining balance would be due when you pick up your pup or prior to shipping. See Sales/shipping for more info.