Shopping list for your new pup

1. Food - Your puppy will be going home eating "Farmina Chicken grain free puppy food"  
Available at Chuck n Dons and other participating pet food stores, you can visit their website at for store locator or order online thru Chewy and amazon.

food and water dishes
2. Appropriate puppy toys - such as teething toys, puppy kong's (which you can fill with peanut butter) Nyla bones and squeaky stuffed toy's. NO RAWHIDES (dogs have been known to choke on them).  

3. Size appropriate kennel & bedding 

4. Adjustable collar, leash 
5. Clean up spray (for potty accidents) such as "Natures Miracle"

6. A reputable veterinarian & groomer
Other things that I would highly recommend -
Nu Vet multi vitamins, this is an important part of your health guarantee which extends it to 2 years. You can order directly off my website. 

Pet health insurance, this will offset your routine vet expenses and also cover any unforeseen emergencies I recommend "Embrace" 
A Snuggle pet stuffed animal with heat pack & heart beat to make the transition into their new home easier. you can order these at 
7. A gentle puppy shampoo/comb & brush