Meet Our Doodle Parents
Jack is a english Cream Golden Retriever, he is the sire to all our Doodle pups. Jack has the sweetest temperament ever and does not know a stranger, he loves to play with toys (usually has 3 or 4 in his mouth at a time). Jack loves life and is always happy and eager to please! 
Jack is 65 pounds.
Genevieve is a Standard Poodle, she is one of our Doodle moms. Genevieve is Queen bee of the household!, she is very smart, sensitive and the ultimate mother. Vieve is on the smaller side weighing 43 pounds.
Betty is a Standard Poodle, she is also one of our Doodle moms and Genevieve's play mate. Betty is very happy, easy going and loves everyone. She is a bigger female weighing 50 pounds.
~ Lucia ~
Lucia is also a standard poodle, she is Genevieve's
daughter. Lucia is a very sweet mild mannered girl.
She is also a bigger girl and weighs 55 pounds. 
Genevieve is now retired
Jack has Retired
Betty is now retired