Adults available for adoption
In any responsible breeding program, there are numerous reasons why a particular dog is not to be an on-going part of the breeding program. Young/middle-aged dogs are occasionally available to loving pet homes. There are some nice advantages of adopting a well socialized, house trained adult dog rather than a young, untrained puppy. In some cases, it can be the perfect situation for both dog and owner. My heart breaks when they leave, but I am comforted by the fact that he/she will brighten someone else's life. 
I do require the new prospective family to come and visit and "get to know" the adoptive dog in question. A week or two should be devoted to the adjustment period after bringing the newly adopted family member home. If for any reason it appears not to be working out, I will take the dog back and refund any money paid. If you are looking to add an adult cocker to your family in the future, please call or email, as I do keep a list for future adult placements. I also may know of adult dogs in need of a home from another family. 
None available at this time
Champ is very outgoing, playful and friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.
Looking for new forever home at no fault of his own ( owner said she did not have enough time for him)
Please take this into careful consideration before adding a canine family member to your household, they are NOT disposable.
Contact me for more info if interested in this guy.